Fullstack Academy Scholarships for 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Fullstack Academy offers merit-based scholarships for their highly respected web development bootcamp programs each year. With comprehensive scholarships that can cover a large portion of tuition costs, many motivated learners looking to start a new career are thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Fullstack Academy.

About Fullstack Academy

Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, Fullstack Academy is a leading coding bootcamp that provides immersive web development training programs. Their curriculum focuses on full-stack development skills utilizing technologies like JavaScript, React, Node.js, databases, and more. Graduates leave their intensive 12-16 week programs fully equipped to launch careers as web developers, software engineers, and more.

Fullstack Academy is highly regarded within the tech community for offering practical, job-focused education that consistently leads to successful career outcomes. They boast an impressive job placement rate of over 90% within 180 days of graduation, with many students securing positions at top companies like Google, Amazon, and General Assembly. Their career support services also help graduates network, find opportunities, and advance in their new careers long after completing the program.

Fullstack Academy is accredited by the Career College Association and approved for VA funding, demonstrating its commitment to quality, transparency, and serving a diverse range of students effectively. Their curriculum, career services, and job placement stats have helped establish Fullstack Academy as one of the most reputable and in-demand coding bootcamps worldwide.

Scholarship Programs Offered

Each year, Fullstack Academy dedicates significant funds to provide scholarships that make their programs affordable for motivated learners from all backgrounds. There are two main scholarship opportunities available:

Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is tailored to help foster diversity and inclusion within the tech industry by supporting individuals from marginalized communities such as women, people of color, veterans, and more. Up to full tuition can be awarded based on merit and financial need. The application focuses on an applicant’s motivations, commitment to inclusion, past experiences, and potential to increase representation within tech.

General Scholarship

The general scholarship is open to all qualified applicants regardless of background factors. Awards are based solely on merit through an applicant’s academic and professional achievements, coding skills, enthusiasm for software engineering, leadership experience, and other strengths demonstrated through the competitive application process. Scholarship amounts awarded to general applicants can range from 20-80% of tuition costs depending on individual merit.

Both scholarships are need-blind, meaning financial need is not directly considered in the evaluation process. However, overcoming economic disadvantages to pursue education and career goals is one area applicants may discuss within their personal statements and interviews.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify and compete for either the Diversity or General Scholarships, applicants must meet the following basic eligibility criteria:

  • Be applying to or enrolled in the Fullstack Academy full-time immersive web development bootcamp program starting in 2024
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent at minimum
  • Demonstrate strong coding skills through previous projects, GitHub profiles, coding challenge assessments, etc.
  • Exhibit a strong aptitude for and passion about software engineering
  • Possess dependable computer/internet access
  • Be authorized to work in the U.S. upon completing the program
  • Submit all required application materials by deadlines

There are no GPA or other academic requirements. Applicants from all educational and career backgrounds are encouraged to apply if they meet the coding skills and interest criteria. Previous degrees or work experience related to technology can strengthen applications but are not necessary. Motivation and potential for success are prioritized over formal qualifications.

Key Scholarship Deadlines

Keeping track of application deadlines is crucial for scholarship hopefuls. Here are the important dates for the 2024 scholarships:

Priority Deadline (for best consideration)

  • December 31, 2023,

Final Deadline

  • March 15, 2024

Scholarship decisions will be announced on a rolling basis beginning in January 2024 and continuing through April as applications are reviewed. Applicants are advised to submit all materials as early as possible to receive the earliest consideration and decision. Late or incomplete applications may still be reviewed if time allows, but priority will be given to on-time submissions.

How to Apply

The scholarship application involves submitting a number of required materials via the Fullstack Academy application portal:

Personal Statement

A 1-2 page essay discussing an applicant’s background, strengths, goals, and reasons for pursuing software engineering education. This is a key component for sharing one’s unique story and fit for the program.


A professional resume highlighting relevant academic, work, coding, and extracurricular achievements.

Code Portfolio

Links to 3-5 coding projects or programs the applicant has created, hosted on sites like GitHub or a personal website. This demonstrates technical skills and abilities.

Letters of Recommendation

2 letters from people who can attest to an applicant’s skills, character, and potential such as professors, employers, or mentors.

Transcripts (if applicable)

Unofficial transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. High school transcripts may also be submitted if no college experience.

Video Interview

A brief video response to 1-2 essay questions about technical interests and motivations. This allows applicants to further express themselves.

The application portal also includes space to input resumes, provide any other supplemental materials, and submit all required pieces as one centralized application package. Applicants should take time to thoroughly create and proofread all materials submitted, clearly demonstrating their value and qualifications.

Scholarship Evaluation Process

Once applications are received, Fullstack Academy conducts a rigorous evaluation process to select the most deserving and well-rounded recipients:

Initial Screening

Applications are checked for completeness by the admissions team. Any missing required pieces may result in disqualification.

Review by Committee

Qualified applications are meticulously reviewed by a committee comprised of Fullstack Admissions staff, instructors, and program alumni. Evaluators analyze content for technical abilities, soft skills, career motivations, unique strengths, and fit.

Coding Challenge

Top candidates may be invited to complete an additional coding challenge assessment online to further demonstrate programming skills under time constraints.


Semi-finalists participate in video interview conversations to allow for deeper discussion and the ability to assess interpersonal qualities in real time.

Final Review and Decisions

All information from the file review, challenge, and interviews comes together for final committee discussion and ranking to determine scholarship recipients and award amounts. Students are promptly notified of the results.

The evaluation process aims to holistically assess applicants in all relevant areas to identify the most driven, talented, and prepared individuals who will thrive in Fullstack Academy’s programs and careers in software development. Strong communication skills, collaborative attitudes, and potential career impact are weighed along with academics and abilities.

Scholarship Amounts

Once selected, scholarship recipients will be awarded financial support amounts based on their individual merits and need relative to total program costs:

  • Diversity Scholarships can cover 20-100% of tuition depending on the strength of the application and circumstances presented. Average awards are 50-80% of costs covered.
  • General Scholarships generally range from 20-80% tuition coverage, averaging 30-50% for most competitive recipients.

The maximum total program cost covered by any scholarship is $18,000, which equals 100% tuition for the full-time immersive bootcamp. Most awards fall in the $5,000-$15,000 range depending on the exact percentage granted. Scholarship funds go directly towards reducing recipients’ remaining tuition balances.

While scholarship amounts vary, all recipients gain a significant boost towards affording this life-changing educational opportunity which often leads to substantial salary increases and career success long-term. Even partial coverage makes the investment far more manageable and accessible for motivated learners.

Tips for Strong Applications

Making a persuasive case for why you deserve the valuable support of a Fullstack Academy scholarship requires strategic application materials. Some best practices to maximize your chances of selection include:

Highlight Relevant Strengths

  • Emphasize technical skills, coding projects, education, and experience related to software development. Show passion and aptitude.

Demonstrate Motivation and Goals

  • Provide a clear narrative about your ambitions and commitment to starting a career in tech. Explain why FSA is the right path.

Proofread Thoroughly

  • Have others review all materials for errors, and clarity, and to ensure the strongest possible presentation of your qualifications.

Customize Each Element

  • Tailor resumes, essays, portfolios, etc. specifically for the FSA program rather than generic submissions.

Network for Referrals

  • Consider asking former students or employees of partners like General Assembly for recommendation letters if able.

Apply Early for Full Consideration

  • Submitting near priority and final deadlines puts applications at a disadvantage versus early submissions.

Showcase Unique Experiences

  • Highlight any diverse background factors, obstacles overcome, or experiences that provide an original perspective. Scholarship committees seek to support a variety of talented applicants, so unique backgrounds can set applications apart. Discuss respectfully and concisely how diversity of experience informs goals and potential impact.

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